One end of cargo ship with ropes extended to the dock
Operating since 1921, the Port of Longview has 8 marine terminals and waterfront industrial property spanning 835 acres on the deep-draft Columbia River, 66 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Southwest Washington state.

Economic Strength

The Port plays an important role in economic development by creating jobs in manufacturing and international trade. Here at the Port, we develop infrastructure to support these jobs, creating a positive economic ripple that strengthens the local community.

Cargo Types

International trade has grown since 1921, and the types of cargos handled by the Port have diversified. Our cargo handling specialties include all types of bulk cargos and breakbulk commodities such as:
  • Fertilizers
  • Grain
  • Heavy-Lift Cargo
  • Logs
  • Lumber
  • Minerals
  • Paper
  • Project
  • Pulp
  • Steel
  • Wind Energy

Mission Statement

To promote commerce and economic development through strategic public investments for the benefit of our communities.