Industrial Rail Corridor Expansion

EXPENDED TO DATE: $3.0 million
2022 BUDGET: $7.1 million

Accommodating current customer growth, attracting additional cargo and supporting the revitalization of Berth 4 - These are the driving forces behind the Industrial Rail Corridor Expansion (IRCE) project. The original Industrial Rail Corridor, completed in 2004, connected the Port of Longview directly to mainline rail service. As intended, the new rail link spurred exponential growth -- attracting the nation’s newest grain export terminal and increasing cargo tonnage across the docks by more than 500%. Nearly 20 years after its initial construction, a major expansion is necessary to keep up with customer and market demands.

The multi-year expansion project builds a new six-track rail bed adjacent to the existing corridor, adds two 8,500’ rail tracks and increases the length of the current tracks from 7,500’ to 8,500’ to accommodate growing, full-length unit trains. As capacity needs increase, additional tracks will be added to the already prepared rail bed.

Completion of the expansion project will double freight capacity through the corridor, capitalize on the Port’s geographic location and generate significant economic benefits for the local community.

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Original IRC


IRCE Proj Schedule


To accommodate growing, full-length unit trains, the Port will construct a new railway embankment that extends just east of the Longview switching yard, passing along the southern portion of the manmade log pond, and ending at the Fibre Way grade separated crossing. 

The project area is shown on the right and the cutaway showing the expanded corridor with existing tracks is shown below. 

Project Area Elements

Cross section_2