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    Port Seeks To Fill Vacancies on Park Advisory Committee

    Longview, WA– As summer kicks off at Willow Grove Park and Boat Launch this month, the Port of Longview is seeking new members for its Park Advisory Committee (PAC). Read on...
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    Long-Time Rail Professional To Lead Port Business Team

    Longview, WA– Port of Longview welcomes Christian Clay as its new Director of Business Development. Following a lengthy railroad career, Clay brings high-level management focus to help grow cargo volumes and expand business opportunities in Longview. Read on...
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    Local Community Leader Joins Commission

    Today, newly appointed Commissioner Allan Erickson officially joined the Port of Longview Board of Commissioners. Cowlitz County District Court Judge John Hayes presided over the swearing in of Erickson, who represents the Commission’s 3rd District. Read on...
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