Willow Grove Advanced Mitigation

Wetland Preservation Through Partnership

In a step toward becoming a ‘greener' port., the Port sold a portion of its Willow Grove property in 2008 to Columbia Land Trust (CLT), a conservation group based in Vancouver, Washington. The Port's partnership with Columbia Land Trust began in the 1990s.

With intentions of industrial development, the Port had purchased 388 acres of Willow Grove wetlands property in 3 separate transactions (1959, 1965 and 1974). Since then, however, steepened mitigation requirements have deterred such development. To date, the property has been used only in the mitigation of industrial developments at the Port's main property.

Mitigated Acres

Under the 2008 agreement with the Port, CLT purchased 237 acres and transferred 75 Port-mitigated acres for $355,500. The Port of Longview will retain ownership of the remaining 76 acres for future mitigation needs and also have right of first refusal to mitigation credits derived from the 237 acres sold.

Model Example of Preservation

"Our staff has worked very hard to develop this innovative approach with Columbia Land Trust, which we believe will serve as a model throughout the State for wetland preservation," former Port of Longview Executive Director Ken O'Hollaren said at the time.

Columbia Land Trust's Record

Columbia Land Trust's mission is to forever conserve the scenic and natural values of the land and water. Founded in 1990, the group has an impressive portfolio of more than 8,000 acres of preserved land spanning 13 counties in Washington and Oregon.