Personal and Professional Consulting Services


Professional Architectural / Engineering (A/E) services is defined by the State of Washington to include professional services associated with licensed architects or engineers, including surveyors and landscape architects, as defined by RCW 18.08 and RCW 18.43. Pursuant to RCW 39.80, price cannot be a criterion in the initial selection of the most qualified consultant when selecting A/E consultants.

Personal Services is defined by the State of Washington by RCW 53.19 and does not include A/E services. Unlike A/E services, price can be a factor when initially considering proposals. Personal Services means professional or technical expertise provided by a consultant to accomplish a specific study, project, task, or other work statement which may not reasonably be required in connection with a public works project meeting the definition in RCW 39.04.010, excluding A/E services. Examples would include grant writers, accountants, IT consulting.

Port of Longview's Consultant Roster

The Port of Longview utilizes the MRSC shared Rosters program.  MRSC Rosters is an online shared consultant roster for local Washington State governments use to efficiently maintain consultant information. To be considered for providing Professional Services to the Port of Longview, join the Roster at or call 206-625-1300.  Select Port of Longview in your account. There is no cost to the consultant unless the contractor elects for enhanced services from MRSC.

Selection Process

Depending on its needs, the Port can elect to use the Consultant Roster to identify qualified consultants, or when required, it can advertise for specific projects. The Port advertises in The Daily News and the Daily Journal of Commerce (Portland). 

For more information about the Port’s purchasing processes, please contact the Contracts Administrator, Candi Engebo, at

Port of Longview is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Port of Longview is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages minority business enterprises and women business enterprises to participate in the competitive bidding process, including the Small Works and Consultant Rosters.