Climate Action Strategy

Project Update

Over the past eight months, the project team has been hard at work collecting and evaluating data including the Port's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Since fall of 2022, subject matter experts in the fields of climate mitigation and adaptation have been collaborating with Port leadership and stakeholders to identify strategies that will safeguard the long-term resiliency of Port operations and protect our environment. 

A draft plan will go to Port Commissioners for final approval in summer of 2023.

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About the Climate Action Strategy

The Climate Action Strategy is an opportunity for the Port to look ahead and future-proof our operations and facilities. 

Below are four key reasons why the Port is developing a Climate Action Strategy:

Community Resiliency 

The Climate Action Strategy will help insulate the local economy from the negative impacts of weather events that could disrupt business. 

Business Competitiveness

The Climate Action Strategy will attract new customers that prioritize environmental practices. 

Environmental Accountability 

The Climate Action Strategy will preserve the Pacific Northwest's natural resources the Port relies on for continued business success. 

Financial Responsibility

The Climate Action Strategy will invest in resources that provide both operational and environmental returns.  

Project Overview

Climate Action Strategy Project Overview

Focus Areas

Climate Action Strategy Focus Areas

Project Timeline

CAS Project Timeline

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