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Climate Action Strategy

  1. The purpose of this survey is to obtain public input on the Port of Longview’s Climate Action Strategy. The Port began a planning process in 2022 to establish a Climate Action Strategy to ensure our community remains resilient through extreme weather events, we maintain our domestic and international business competitiveness, and we can demonstrate environmental accountability and financial responsibility.

    The Climate Action Strategy has two elements: 

    1. Evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from Port controlled operations, and 

    2. The Port’s climate risk and resiliency needs. Evaluation of these two elements will result in the short- and long-term plan that is scientifically based, implementable, financially feasible, and scalable.

  3. More and more often we hear about ‘100’ or ‘1000’ year events on the news. Floods, fires, heat domes, and other weather events occur as a result of changing weather patterns. These changes can disrupt society in a variety of ways, requiring new infrastructure, changes to building codes to protect human lives, and increasing energy usage.
  4. 1. Do you feel you are being impacted by changing weather patterns?
  5. Closer to home, in Washington, average overall temperatures have risen almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit with the hottest year occurring in 2015 (complied data from 2022) which was 3.7 degrees above the average historical record. Along with impacting summer heat, this also means fewer cold days in the winter. This one change can affect many other natural systems, which in turn can affect the human and built environment.
  6. 2. Do you feel the communities of Cowlitz County are being impacted by changing weather patterns?
  8. One goal in Climate Action Strategy development is to insulate the Port and the local economy from negative impacts of weather-related business disruptions. We can do this in many ways, which include planning infrastructure investments to future-proof Port facilities, understanding and working with federal and state entities to ensure river conditions remain predictable and adequate for shipping, bringing in new businesses through re-development, and preparing to remain operational in an emergency.
  9. 1. Do you feel that planning for climate changes will help in job resiliency and/or creation of new jobs in the community?
  10. 2. Would you support the Port completing projects to protect Port infrastructure and business from natural disasters?
  12. Another component of the Climate Action Strategy is to assess the Port’s existing greenhouse gas emissions and prepare a reduction strategy. This will help the Port meet current and future environmental regulations, provide access to grant funding opportunities, and assist potential new customers who now weight their entire supply chain when estimating and mitigating their carbon footprint.
  13. 1. Would you support the Port taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  14. 2. What measures would you support the Port moving forward with?
  15. Market research shows that consumers are increasingly willing to shift their buying habits to reduce their perceived personal impact to the environment. In 2018, nearly half of all U.S. consumers felt this way. Global markets are also changing, with countries around the world working to reduce their consumption at every stage. As a result, the Port is seeing existing and new companies approach us with questions about our greenhouse gas strategies and reductions.
  16. 3. Do you believe that adopting greenhouse gas emissions reductions plans assists the Port in attracting or retaining global businesses?
  18. The Port has dedicated environmental staff and labor that ensure port compliance with regulatory requirements and to ensure we are good stewards of the community's environment. Every activity at the port, from handling cargo, operating equipment, and construction projects have an air or water quality component. Please help us understand what information regarding these activities you may be interested in.
  19. 1. What do you think is, or should be, the most important part of the Port's environmental program?
  20. 2. What information are you most interested in (select all that apply):
  22. 1. Please let us know why you are interested in the Port of how you are connected to us (select all that apply):
  23. 2. How would you like to receive information about the Port's environmental programs and efforts?
  24. 3. To better understand and tailor our communication, please help us understand who are audience is by selecting which age group you belong to
  25. Thank you for your time and completing this survey!
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