Tenant Overview

British Petroleum (BP); (run by Port employees)

BP's facility at the Port has been operating since 1982. Here, calcined petroleum coke is exported to countries all over the world for use in the aluminum smelting industry. 

BP Berth 5

Brown Strauss Steel; 40 employees

Locating at the Port in 2001, Brown Strauss is one of the largest distributors of wide flange beam and structural steel tubing in the United States.


Export Grain Terminal (EGT): 25 employees

Since coming online in 2012, EGT has seen profits surge as it handled over 6 million tons of wheat, soybeans, corn and other agricultural products in 2017.


International Raw Materials (IRM): 1 employee

IRM took over the Port's Bridgeview Terminal bulk facility from a previous tenant in 2017. They handle a variety of bulk minerals, fertilizers and grain. IRM had previously operated at the Port from 1981-2001.

Bridgeview Terminal

SKYLINE STEEL: 41 employees

Located in our West Industrial Park since 2010, this steel manufacturer produces a variety of steel coil, pipe and other products.


U.S. CELLULAR: 18 employees

Chicago-based U.S. Cellular opened its regional technical support facility here at the Port in 2004.


U.S. CUSTOMS: 2 employees

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been sited at the Port for decades; enhancing safety while enabling legitimate trade and travel.