Services & Equipment

Specialized Services

The Port of Longview offers customized services using its "in-house" employees who specialize in various trades. From certified welders to electricians and painters, these craftsmen are skilled at performing value-added work, which complements the Port's array of cargo-handling services.

Millwright Services

  • Certified Welding
  • Heavy-Lift Tiedown Fabrication and Installation
  • Railcar Deck Cleaning and Preparatory Work
  • Shipping Fixture Modifications
  • Steel Cutting/Burning
  • Steel Scrapping

Painting & Cargo Cleaning Services

Fabrication of Custom Handling Equipment

Cargo Handling Equipment

Check out the Port's fleet of equipment. Click the tabs below to the right to view the categories of equipment. 

  1. Bridgeview Terminal
  2. Hopper & Conveyor
  3. Cranes & Attachments
  4. Stackers
  5. Forklifts
  6. Rental Fleet Available
Equipment Capacity
Dry bulk loader 1,800 metric tons/hour
Covered conveyor system 600 feet/minute