Local Economic Impacts

Know Your Port

This is an anchor for vitality. A haven for opportunity. This is your Port. This is the intersection of local commitments and global connections. This is the Port of Longview. For nearly 100 years, we've brought a world of opportunity to our customers and our community. Our facility draws customers from around the globe, bringing with them new employment opportunities and tax revenue. We're proud to be part of the local landscape and a source of support that anchors families, businesses and schools throughout Cowlitz County. We're proud to be your Port.

Here for the Long Haul

Our waters run deep. All the way back to 1921. Driven by a mission to excel and a spirit to serve, we create channels for prosperity now and in the future. This is opportunity. This is stability. This a pathway from today to tomorrow, what we are to what we can be. This is your port. The Port of Longview.

1 in 11 Local Jobs

As one of the Northwest's premier transportation hubs, the Port of Longview brings more than the flow of goods into our community. It also creates family-wage jobs for thousands in our community. And when those workers and businesses buy goods and services here, it creates more jobs, more spending and a positive ripple effect in the local economy. Port-related activity employs 11% of workers in Cowlitz County and supports another 14,458 jobs with shippers and related businesses. The Port is an honest day's work. A livable wage. Certainty for families today and tomorrow.

Jobs By Number
19,203 direct, induced, indirect, and related jobs include:
  • 1,261 direct jobs
  • 1,989 induced jobs
  • 1,495 indirect jobs
  • 14,458 jobs with shippers and related businesses

$678 Million for Local Business

The Port of Longview is an open door to the world and a boost for businesses right here. The Port and its customers hire local workers and spend money at local shops and businesses. From river, rail and road transport services for cargo, to the supplies and groceries those workers buy, the outcome is more people with local jobs spending in our community. And our Port has an economic effect well beyond the county line. In 2018, marine cargo activity at the Port generated a total of $2.8 billion of total economic activity in the region. Boosting business. Creating stability. Enhancing quality of life for all of us.

$9.5 Million for Local Schools & Infrastructure

How does a Douglas fir become a school bus? How does salt become an improved road? Both businesses located at the Port and those utilizing the Port generate additional local and state tax revenue for our community benefits in the form of added money for police and many other public services. In addition to supporting community events, participating in local service clubs, and contributing to waterfront recreation, the Port of Longview helps keep our community moving forward.

Tax revenue from your Port goes to:
  • County Roads
  • Cowlitz County
  • Diking Improvement District
  • Longview School District
  • Mosquito Control
  • State of Washington