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The Port of Longview belongs to a number of associations that provide a variety of benefits to the port industry. The Port of Longview maintains memberships in the following organizations. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and the Port may maintain additional memberships not listed here.

American Association of Port Authorities

Founded in 1912, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) is a trade association that represents more than 150 public port authorities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition, Association members include more than 300 sustaining and associate members - firms and individuals with an interest in the seaports of the Western Hemisphere. AAPA is dedicated to serving deep-draft public ports by enhancing port management professionalism and advocating issues critical to public seaports.

AAPA promotes the common interests of the port community and provides leadership on trade, transportation, environmental and other issues related to port development and operations. AAPA also works to educate the following about the essential role ports play within the global transportation system:
  • Federal Legislators
  • Local
  • Media
  • The Public
  • State
Visit the American Association of Port Authorities website.

American Wind Energy Association

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is a national trade association that represents:
  • Consultants
  • Financiers
  • Insurers
  • Others Involved in the Wind Industry
  • Researchers
  • Utilities
  • Wind Power Plant Developers
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturers
In addition, AWEA represents hundreds of wind energy advocates from around the world.

Visit the American Wind Energy Association website.

Columbia River Channel Coalition

The Columbia River Channel Coalition provides information to elected officials and community leaders to help build regional and national consensus for the Columbia River Channel Deepening Project. There are no dues; supporters are asked to make this project part of their public affairs agenda and advocate for it with elected officials. Our list of supporting organizations is shared with elected officials and members of Congress. Our actions are guided by our Leadership Advisory Council.

Visit the Columbia River Channel Coalition website.

Columbia River Steamship Operators' Association

The Columbia River Steamship Operators' Association, first established in 1922, includes members representing ship owners, operators, agents, towing and bunkering, as well as facilities and ports along the Columbia, Willamette, Snake River and Oregon Coast River Systems.

The CRSOA's mission is to facilitate trade, provide business leadership, exercise principles of environmental stewardship, serve as an industry focal point and promote operating policies and practices that are safe, reliable, efficient and low-cost.

Visit the Columbia River Steamship Operators' Association website.

Cowlitz Economic Development Council

The Cowlitz Economic Development Council (CEDC) supports business expansion and retention through strategic alliances and strong community support. Serving Cowlitz County since 1979, CEDC is a proactive, results-oriented public/private partnership working with over 260 associates to assist businesses to relocate or expand in Cowlitz County. CEDC promotes job creation and investment while maintaining the county's exceptional environment and high quality of life.

The CEDC offers 1 point of contact for serving businesses' needs in site location and acquisition, business data and demographics and process facilitation. Through visionary thinking and strategic relationships, CEDC delivers quick and efficient business relocations and expansions.

Visit the Cowlitz Economic Development Council website.

Cowlitz Wahkiakum Council of Governments

The Cowlitz Wahkiakum Council of Governments is a voluntary association of general and special purpose governments and agencies in the lower Columbia region. The CWCOG provides a regional forum to address issues of mutual interest and concern, develop recommendations and provide a wide variety of technical and contractual services. Its purpose is to efficiently use resources to yield long-term benefits that enhance quality of life for the communities and region.

Visit the Cowlitz Wahkiakum Council of Governments website.

Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce

The Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional people working to advance local, commercial, industrial and civic development in the Kelso-Longview area. It provides valuable networking opportunities and a profitable outlet to market business positions in the community.

Visit the Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce website.

Northwest Marine Terminal Association

The Northwest Marine Terminal Association is a voluntary association of deepwater ports and marine terminal operators in Oregon and Washington.

The Northwest Marine Terminal Association has operated continuously since 1939 under an agreement approved by the Federal Maritime Commission subject to provisions of Section 15 of the Shipping Act of 1916, the Shipping Act of 1984 and the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998.

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act continues the basic principles of anti-trust immunity for certain rate setting and other collective practices.

The provisions of the Northwest Marine Terminal Association Agreement provide ample authority for the 13 member ports to set uniform rates, establish consistent rules and practices, exchange relevant information and pursue cooperative ventures.

Visit the Northwest Marine Terminal Association website.

Pacific Northwest Waterways Association

The Pacific Northwest Waterways Association (PNWA) advocates for federal policy in support of regional economic development. PNWA represents multiple industries and the public and private sectors. Members include:
  • Agriculture Interests
  • Energy Interests
  • Forest Products Interests
  • International Trade Interests
  • Local Government Interests in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington
  • Navigation Interests
  • Public Ports
  • Transportation Interests
Founded in 1934, PNWA immediately led the way for Congressional authorization and funding to build the locks and dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. PNWA expanded in 1971, adding Puget Sound and coastal members to provide a comprehensive regional perspective. Today, PNWA works with the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and regional decision leaders on transportation, trade, energy and environmental policy.

Visit the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association website.

The Merchants Exchange

The Merchants Exchange is the Maritime Communications Hub for the Columbia River, providing vital services to on-water and shoreside users of the waterway system. These services are available to all members on a fee-based system.

Among them are:
  • Answering Service
  • Association Management and Newsletters
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone and Pager Rentals
  • Radio Links
  • Telex and Fax Service
  • Vessel Intelligence
Visit the Merchants Exchange website.

Washington Public Ports Association

The Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) promotes the interests of the port community through effective government relations, ongoing education, and strong advocacy programs, contributing to strengthening our state's economy and maintaining our quality of life in Washington State.

Visit the Washington Public Ports Association website.