The Port of Longview operates under a series of plans intended to guide development and decision making. Each plan serves its own purpose, but collectively, they guide day-to-day operations of the Port of Longview.

Master Plan Cover
Comp Scheme 2015 cover

Master Plan

This report was developed to aid the Port in identifying new cargo opportunities, determine the best use of existing port facilities and provide an analysis to support the rail system.

Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements

The Port's Comprehensive Scheme is a planning and forecasting document that builds upon other port planning activities such as the annual budget process. The Scheme lays out opportunities for future investment, operation and development that will benefit the community.
Strategic Plan Cover

Economic Impact Analysis

The Economic Impact Analysis measured the benefit derived from Port operations. It outlines jobs, tax revue generated and spending induced as a result of Port activity. 

Strategic Business Plan

This is a business-focused plan that will serve as a near-to mid-term "road map" and communicate the Port's intentions and priorities to staff, tenants, partners and the community.