In 2021, while the Port celebrates its 100th Anniversary, it will be simultaneously developing plans that will kick-off its next century of growth and economic prosperity.

In December 2020, the Port begins a year-plus planning effort that will align opportunities and market prospects with the Port's assets and resources to develop a suite of documents that will guide the Port's future growth.  

Stakeholder input, both customer and community, is critical to a well-developed, useful plan.  At each workshop, stakeholders will be able to review all documents and provide input in a number of ways (see right). 

The final documents are linked below:

Below is a schedule of workshops, each covering a key component of the planning process. 

Date Topic Survey Link
Mission, Values, Goals and SWOT Analysis
Market Analysis Review and Milestone Briefing

2/24/21 Lines of Business

3/24/21 Community Focus

4/28/21 Internal Resources
6/23/21 Draft Alternatives Presented

7/28/21 Revised Alternatives Presented  
9/22/21 Strategic Business Plan Draft Presentation/ Final Alternatives
11/23/21 Advisory Presentation/ Public Hearing
12/8/21 Final Adoption