Industrial Development Corporation

Public Corporation Subject to Resolutions & Board of Directors

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of the Port of Longview, Washington, is a public corporation created pursuant to Chapter 300, Laws of Washington 1981 and Resolution Number 81-42 of the Port of Longview, adopted November 10, 1981.

The business and affairs of the Corporation are managed by a 3-member board of directors that exercises the Corporation's powers. These directors also serve as the Port of Longview's Commissioners.

Revenue Bonds

The IDC is authorized to facilitate the issuance of tax-exempt non-recourse revenue bonds to finance industrial development facilities within the corporate boundaries of the Port of Longview. Revenue bonds issued by the IDC are payable from revenues derived as a result of the industrial development facilities funded by the revenue bonds. The bonds are not a liability or contingent liability of the Port or a lien on any of its properties or revenues other than industrial facilities for which they are issued.

Directors / Commissioners

The business and affairs of the IDC are managed by a board of 3 directors who are also the members of the Port Commission.