Three commissioners serve as the Port of Longview's governing body. Elected for six-year terms, the non-partisan commissioners are directly responsible to the voters regarding Port district operations. 

Port commissioners set policies that guide the development, growth and operation of all the Port's facilities and functions. The commissioners hire a Chief Executive Officer to administer established policies and manage port operations.

District 3 Commission Appointment

The Port is in the process of appointing the Commission position for District number 3. 

Applications for the vacant position are being accepted through Friday, October 26th. Following the application period, applications will be verified by the local elections official to ensure candidates are eligible for the position. Next, the Port Commission will review eligible applications and determine next steps in the process, which could be an interview process or direct appointment. 

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible for the vacancy, candidates must: 

  • Reside within the Commission District #3 (see link at right for district map)
  • Be a registered voter in Cowlitz County

Why an appointment and not an election? 

When a Commissioner vacates the position prior to the end of a term, the remaining two Commissioners are to appoint a replacement. The appointee will fulfill the remainder of the vacated term, until an election for that position takes place and is certified by the Cowlitz County Elections Office. 

District 3 Appointment Schedule

Date Milestone
October 11 Application period opens
October 26 Application period closes
TBD Verification of eligibility
TBD Review of eligible candidates